The Modern Day Value of the Tom Mix Ranch

Down at the Prescott Gathering, summer of ’98
I met a right decent feller with an interesting tale to tell
Of the practical jokes played by Old Lady Fate.
He’s an Eastern feller, who had done right well
but the life he figured would be best
was to own a ranch somewhere in the West.
So, he packed up and moved to Prescott, in Arizona, you know.
Up there out of the desert and below the real heavy snow.
Bought the ranch built by the olden day cowboy hero named Mix
and started painting and fixing what was needed to fix.
It went fine, except for Tom’s old barn, a real tumble down eye sore.
So the Easterner picked up his sledgehammer and waded into the chore.
One day, he was hammering when a delivery fellow came out from town,
dropped off some boxes and stayed on looking around.
“You really want that old barn down, Mr. K?”
“Darn right!  In the worst way!”
“Tell you what.” the young feller said, “I need old wood,
So, I’ll tear it down and not one penny will you pay.
I’ll haul it off and clean it up good.
My friend said, “Sound’s good!” and soon the barn was gone
and Mr. K. had an unrestricted view and a beautiful lawn.
He felt a little guilty on how easily he had gotten it down,
Or, at least he did, until a year later on a trip into town.
He’d stopped, just for something to do,
In a Western Art gallery to look for a picture or two
to hang on his ranch house wall.
There was a big beauty with trees, cows, riders and all
with a little sign that said “Western Scene” by J. B. McCall.
Framing from the barn built by “…great western movie star
and member of the Rodeo Hall of Fame…”
Picture $400.00  $800 for the frame.

© 2001, D. Hayes, All Rights Reserved