Your First Ride on a One Man Merry Go ‘Round – or – (The Sloan’s Liniment Archives)

From Folks’ Poems – Doc told us: “Back when I was a young feller in Flagstaff, Arizona in the mid ’40s, my Dad used to do business with the Kellum Ranch near there. I used to ride along with him, and that is where I got my first interests in cowboy stories and poetry. Many years later, when I was first getting into cowboy poetry, I was introduced to Sunny Hancock, by way of Chris Isaacs. In talking with Sunny I found he had started out with the Kellums and as Sunny and Chris have been two of my main inspirations, I occasionally run a poem for one or the other of those two fine poets and great examples of what this trade is all about. This poem is a reflection on some of my own experiences many, read that many/many, years ago, before I settled in and became a university professor. But it really reflects on the generation just before me and is written as a tribute to those cowboys I used to dream of becoming when I was a young feller.

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