Short Cut

Short Cut is a bucking horse,
and about as mean as anything you’ve ever seen.
He always starts and he stays the course
totally rank and every second in the saddle obscene.
Side winding sucker’ll switch to pile driving and then go spinner,
separating you from saddle and proving you’re no gold buckle winner.
Laying there, all those stars floating around,
 you getting real intimate with that rodeo ground,
knowing you’re at least half dead,
and wondering if they can reattach your head,
then you hear the bull fighters start to pray
 cause old Short Cut is coming back your way
to stomp you into the fairground sod
and put you up face to face with God.
At first you think it’s just a nightmare you’re dreaming
that is ’til you hear the buckle bunnies screaming
and last you saw of that horse he was up in the saddle with the pickup man.
Though you’ve been dusted and everything is busted, you can stand!
And run! No one in the stands would’ve believed you could run.
And fly! Over the fence an eye blink ahead of that son of a gun.
No moral tales. No tales of gold buckle glory.
 Just simple description and simple prescription:
You draw Short Cut and the story gets gory.
Listen up lad! My advice is worth trusting.
Give ’em back that number and throw in for the mutton bustin’.
© June 2000, Doc Dale Hayes, All Rights Reserved