Doc’s Tale

Happily retired now, until recently, “Doc” Hayes was a professor at a public university in Manitoba, Canada. He also ran a small grazing operation for cattle of relatives and neighbors back in the bush near Nesbitt, Manitoba. With more time to focus on his poetry and writing, “Doc” continues to travel to different gatherings and poetry festivals around North America


Way back when, he tried rodeoing for a while but a blindbucker convinced him he was a school teacher and since those many years ago his non-job focus has been on studying and recording tales of the cowboy way. He came by his love of western storytelling and cowboy poetry as a result of sitting in on bunk house bull sessions in Northern Arizona back in the late ’40s. For over forty years he has collected cowboy stories and remembrances of Canadian and American cowboys that often serve as a basis for his poetry. He has had several books of poetry, academic and western, published and cd-rom’s Conversations With an Old Horse and Two Great Countries ~ One Great Cowboy Culture are made up of his own original poetry and several selected stories of the “Old West,” backed up by several good traditional western musicians. He can be reached through this website or at


“Doc” Hayes has spoken at over 400 educational and organizational training and motivational meetings since the mid ’70s. He has been featured at many of the major western gatherings in both Canada and the United States. For a dozen years “Doc” was the producer and host of the Brandon Cowboy Poetry Gathering and the Canadian Cowboy Christmas. He has over the past year been producer and co-host of the Portage Western Folk Gathering and Cowboy Poetry Show and will co- produce the September 2014 show at the Glesby Center in Portage, MB. Click here for more information after May 1, 21014.

He has been featured on both regional and national television shows on Cowboy Poetry. He is a member of the Academy of Academy of American Poets and the Academy of Western Artists.